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MessyPlay NI Climbing Frames

Our climbing frames offer the ultimate choice in flexibility and high quality to engage your children for years to come. We create sustainable free standing climbing frames which encourage your children to be active, full of imagination and engaged, whilst learning and developing without even realising it.

Our wide range of climbing frames are designed to suit every budget and space requirement, whilst offering peace of mind with our 10 year wood rot guarantee. As all of our frames are freestanding, they can easily be removed and reinstalled should you need to do so.

Education Authority Approved

MessyPlayNI are an Education Authority approved supplier to schools and nurseries throughout Northern Ireland and also supply to mainland UK and Ireland.

We manufacture all of our products to commercial grade standard, meaning you can sit back and relax in the knowledge your climbing frame has been designed, handmade and installed by a team who truly care about the safety and development of your children.

MessyPlay NI Climbing Frame Gallery

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How climbing frames can assist in a child’s development:


Climbing frames offer an opportunity for children to engage in physical activities that promote gross motor skills development. Climbing, swinging, balancing, and sliding help enhance coordination, strength, agility, and overall physical fitness. Regular use of climbing frames can improve muscle tone, balance, and spatial awareness.


When children navigate through climbing frames, they encounter various challenges that require problem solving skills, critical thinking, and decision making. They need to plan their movements, assess risks, and make choices, which promotes cognitive development and spatial reasoning abilities.

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Climbing frames provide sensory stimulation through tactile experiences and exploration. Children touch different textures, grasp different materials, and experience different physical sensations. This sensory input enhances their sensory integration skills and fosters cognitive processing and sensory motor coordination.

Social and Emotional:

Climbing frames offer opportunities for social interaction, cooperation, and communication. Children can engage in imaginative play, take turns, share, and negotiate with their peers. Through these experiences, they develop social skills, empathy, emotional regulation, and learn to navigate social relationships.

Confidence and Fun:

Climbing frames present a controlled environment for children to face challenges, take risks, and overcome obstacles. As children progressively tackle more difficult climbing tasks, they develop a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Additionally, they learn to assess risks, make decisions, and manage their own safety, contributing to their overall risk management abilities, all while having lots of fun!

Why choose MessyPlayNI?


Expert Knowledge & Experience

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing children's outdoor development equipment for years.

Education Authority Approved

We are an Education Authority approved supplier.

Gold Standard Quality Equipment

All equipment is manufactured to a very high standard and to your exact custom space requirements or specifications.