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Sensory Play Products

MessyPlayNI know the importance of sensory play. Our expert team work with industry professionals to design and supply products that not only help with fine and gross motor development, communication, language and boredom, but which also lower anxiety levels and improve the mood of children and adults.

A multi sensory environment (MSE) is widely accepted as an effective space for relaxation or stimulation of the primary senses in children and adults with special needs. A caregivers ability to effectively stimulate or relax their user not only empowers the care giver, but provides rewarding behaviours in life outside the MSE space.

The team at MessyPlay NI welcome the opportunity to consult with your school, nursery, specialist space or home environment to design your MSE or OT space and supply your individual sensory play equipment requirements whilst working to suit any budget and specification.


Sensory Play

Sensory play is not only beneficial for children but also for adults. Here are some benefits:

Stress Reduction:

Engaging in sensory play can help reduce stress and promote relaxation in both children and adults. Exploring different textures, playing with sensory materials, or listening to calming sounds can provide a soothing effect, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall wellbeing.


Sensory play encourages mindfulness and the connection between the mind and body. By focusing on the sensory experience, individuals can become more present in the moment, heighten their sensory awareness, and develop a stronger mind-body connection.

Sensory Play
Sensory Play

Sensory Stimulation and Brain Development:

Sensory play stimulates the brain by engaging multiple senses simultaneously. This stimulation promotes neural connections, enhances sensory processing, and supports brain development in both children and adults. Regular sensory play can improve cognitive functions, sensory integration, and overall neurological health.

Creativity and Imagination:

Sensory play nurtures creativity and imagination in both children and adults. It provides an openended and non-judgmental space for exploration, experimentation, and self expression. Engaging with sensory materials and stimuli can inspire imaginative thinking, problem solving, and artistic expression.

Emotional Expression and Regulation:

Sensory play offers a safe outlet for emotional expression and regulation. Both children and adults can explore and express their emotions through sensory experiences. It allows individuals to process and release emotions, develop emotional awareness, and practice emotional regulation strategies in a supportive environment.

Sensory Play
Sensory Play
Sensory Play

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