Back To Nature Large Square Bug Carpet

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Back To Nature Large Square Bug Carpet, with placement areas for up to 30 children. The carpet is ideal for reading areas, soft play areas, and other group activities, and features brightly coloured themed bug designs. The carpet is designed to encourage learning through interaction and play. The carpet has a crease resistant anti-slip safety backing, tightly bound edges to prevent fraying, a high quality nylon twist soft textured finish, and meets all relevant safety and fire standards.
  • Back To Nature Large Square Bug Carpet
  • Brightly Coloured Bug Designs
  • Placement Areas For 30 Children
  • Ideal For Group Floor Reading Activities Or Soft Play Areas
  • Encourages Learning Through Interaction & Play
  • Suitable For Nursery School, Pre-School, Playschool Etc..
  • Functional & Hardwearing
  • Safe Anti-Slip Backing
  • Tightly Bound Edges To Prevent Fraying
  • High Quality Soft Textured Nylon Twist For Comfort & Durability
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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