Bouncyband for Special/Universal Chairs

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Now you can have the same effective results with Bouncybands at HOME! Kids and adults have an outlet for excess energy while working as these bands fit on almost ALL chairs with legs-alleviating anxiety, hyperactivity and boredom

• Fidgeters are able to silently move while sitting at home, school and in the office releasing stress enabling them to stay on task and focus more
• An independent study by Clemson University concluded that using Bouncybands helps people stay focused and on task 10% longer
• Excellent for homeschooling, at homework time, during meals, in school and at work.
• Silent and fits on a huge variety of chair legs including wood, plastic, square, round, oval, irregular and even tubular steel frames enabling relaxing motion without disturbing others
• Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s “”Product of the Year””, Scholastic’s prestigious “”Best of”” award and 2017 Teacher’s Choice award
• The patented design keeps the bands elevated and stretches to fit chairs from 10”-24” wide (fits around a circular leg that is 2.25” in diameter and a square leg that is 1.75” thick thick or any shape up to 7.25″” around)
• Easy to install – No tools required”

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