Bubble Dome

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Bubbles rise around the acrylic dome with the gentle relaxing movements of the multi-coloured beads (not included).

Colours constantly change, fading subtly between each other to illuminate the dome.

The principle colours the dome will phase through are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Orange and Cyan.

Passive+:  Our new Passive+ Bubble Dome offers a fantastic sensory experience straight from the moment you power it up.

Experience the standard passive mode which cycles beautifully between 7 main colours.

Helpful Tips: Remember to plan your Bubble product maintenance to ensure water is changed every six weeks.

A hand held pump is included to assist with draining water. Don’t forget to order Disinfection Fluid to ensure your bubble dome keeps clean and free of algae or harmful bacteria.

The base for our Bubble Dome is supplied in extremely robust HDPE plastic and the thick acrylic dome is also suitably robust.

£1,299.00 Ex. VAT

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