Bubble Tube (183cm)

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Round Bubble Tube Adds Colours to Your Life

Sensory bubble tubes are a useful introduction to the range of sensory tools and equipment. Their purpose is to develop our senses and serves a calming environment. These work by pumping water through the tube and the light which lies at the base of the tube keeps on shifting colours. The round bubble tube is known to have similar characteristics as those mentioned above.

The round bubble tube is chrome in colour. It is made in a way that it has attached LED lights which keep on changing their colours. It also includes a remote control to operate the switching of lights, from a total of sixteen lights. You can observe the bubbles constantly moving upwards in the tube. Five mechanisms are mainly involved in this, including smooth, dim, flashlight as well as fixed light and flashlight. The total length of this round bubble tube is about 1.8 metres and a width of 0.15 metres. You can also adjust the brightness according to your wish. An air pump is also connected with this tube that is well suited to it. Metal or Acrylic is used to construct this tube. Other than this, thee bottom on which it stands is composed of steel, which is solid and strong. If you want a wall bracket along with this tube for protection, you need to pay its amount as well. You can use this tube along with getting the water-cooled after boiling it. It weighs almost 10 kilograms.

A range of senses is stimulated when you use this product having specialised features. You can be more attentive and focused, also your tactile sense is triggered. It also assists your eye tracking. The product makes you feel calm and provides a serene environment for your room as well. You can keep these round bubble tubes in your rooms which can help in your child’s development. It is manufactured for the children belonging to all age groups, but you should keep a check on your children when they are using it. Also, it can be used for the children with special needs, Autism and ADHD. The children are mesmerized by the constantly changing, contrasting colours of the LED lights. Also, the movement of bubbles captivates their attention. This product is perfect for developing different learning skills among children. Moreover, the product resonates triggering the sense of touch in the children. Also, the visual sense is too developed among the children helping them identifying and matching of colours.

The round bubble tube is known for a wide range of benefits and supporting the ones suffering from special needs. It combines both the visual and tactile senses altogether to aid a child’s development.

This striking column bubble tube feature with colour changing LED lights makes a spellbinding addition to any home, office or bedroom. Colour changing lights have the ability to captivate both adults and children alike and can also be used for educational purposes including special needs.


  • Continuously rising bubbles and colour change LED lights
  • Five modes; flash, strobe, fade, smooth and static single colour
  • Choose from 16 static colours
  • Select brightness setting
  • High quality air pump
  • Suitable for use with cooled boiled tap water
  • Mains operated, remote control included
  • 183cm tall x 15cm diameter tube
  • Stainless steel base – sturdy and robust

Size: 183 cm.

Colour: Chrome

Power Source: Mains



Weight: Approx: 10,5 kg.

£449.90 Ex. VAT

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