CKB LTD Large Natural Wood Bark Insect Bug Hotel – For Bees Ladybirds Butterfly House Wooden Outside Shelter Garden Nest Garden Home Outdoor Habitat House – Large 30 x 10 x 39cm

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  • Wooden Insect, Bug & Bee Hotel (Large) Bugs are a vital part of the eco-system and each has its own special requirement when finding a place to live. With this large bug hotel, you will give a safe place for insects to hibernate and lay their eggs.
  • Gives your garden insects a safe hideaway. This ready-made bug hotel (also known as a wildlife hotel or stack) will provide a safe place for hibernating solitary bees and wasps. Lacewings and ladybirds will also benefit from a warm sheltered place to hide throughout the winter. Which are very important for keeping the numbers of aphids down in your garden.
  • Where to place the bug hotel. Try to place the hotel in a sheltered area, away from very wet areas. Insects will benefit from living somewhere slightly damp where a bit of mould can grow. You can either hang from a screw/nail or stand the tower on a flat sturdy surface away from strong winds. What type of insects will use each part of the hotel?
  • Pine Cones are a great perfect safe place for Ladybirds who are always looking for a safe space to hibernate over winter. The wire mesh will help stop predators such as larger spiders, frogs and wasps from eating the ladybugs – Bamboo tubes make a perfect place for Solitary bees to the hollow inside and make a nest. Female Bees fill the cane with pollen, they will then lay an egg onto it and seals the entrance with mud. The centre slot is for butterflies and moths to hibernate inside safely.
  • Material: Firwood/Pine Wood, Bamboo, Pine Cones, Metal Mesh. Product Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 39cm. Features: Natural wooden insect hotel with a firwood bark roof. 6 sections for different insect species. Option for hanging or standing on a flat surface.

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