Fibre Optic Shower Support

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Fibre optic strands forming a cascade, shower or curtain of light, a stunning shower effect to stand or sit in.

Great for wheel chair uses or to drape over a piece of furniture such as a seat.

The light source sits on the top of the frame and the fibres protrude through the pre drilled holes. Attach the frame to the ceiling using the attached bracket.

The Fibre Optic Shower support forms a glowing tent of shiny, sparkling fibres which allow children to concentrate and forms a view about the colour and develop imagination and creativity.

Fibre optic shower is used for relaxation, combined with soothing music or thematic lessons on fairy tales.

Create a soothing and calming multisensory environment for users of all ages with the Fibre Optic Shower Support

Size: 47 x 16 x 10cm

Usage:?Sensory Education/ Sensory Rooms

Power Source: Mains

£75.00 Ex. VAT

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