Flashing Spikey Light Up Ball (Large) x 10

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This Large squeaky 7cm Spiky Light Up Ball is a wonderful tactile ball with a soft Spiky-textured surface to touch and experience. This Spiky sensory ball is made from a hard wearing translucent plastic, yet is pliable and soft to touch. Simply bounce the ball on a firm surface to activate the internal flashing lights.

The light stops automatically. Tactile, and easy to throw, catch and hold. Use our Spiky Sensory Ball for flexible massage & stimulation, hand & finger exercise, and throwing & catching skills. Excellent sensory resource for children and adults with special needs, autism and sensory impairments. Great therapy exerciser and aid. Supplied in assorted translucent colours. Superb resource in any sensory room or den. COLOURS MAY VARY.

No of balls: 10

Weight: 32 g.

Diameter: 7 cm

Age: 3 Years+

One ball supplied.

£25.00 Ex. VAT

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