Giant Sensory Colour Bubble Tube

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Giant Bubble Tube with remote

This Giant Bubble Tube comes complete with remote control and fascinating fish bobbing along creating an extra special appeal.

Perfect for creating a mesmerising sensory room, the giant bubble tube features colour changing LED light and continuous rising bubbles powered by an external pump (included), which connects to an electric socket.

Operated by remote control, the bubble tube has an array of colour modes to choose from.

Children will watch in awe as the fish bob up and down, floating and frolicking amongst the bubbles.

The lid of the bubble tubs sits firmly on top but can be removed as required. Weight: 16kg without water and 38kg once filled with water.

The power adaptor is12v 1800ma 230v-240. Whilst this product has been designed to work well with tap water, the product will need higher maintenance due to algae and the water becoming cloudy.

The water will need changing approximately once every few months. By using distilled water, the water will stay cleaner for longer.



  • Colour:Multicoloured
  • Shape:Cylinder
  • Height:183 cm
  • Diameter:15 cm
  • Weight:10.5 kg

£480.00 Ex. VAT

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