Gonge Carousel – Sit and Spin*

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The Gonge Carousel will give children a real spin!
The Gonge Carousel is placed at a slight angle to allow the child to propel the dish by shifting the body’s centre of gravity.
Younger children are also able to set the seat in motion by pushing off with their feet.
The Gonge Carousel has a thick edge to make it easy for children to get a good grip and hold on when the Dish is moving.
The Gonge Carousel is becoming one of the best therapeutic means for special needs.
Proven by occupational therapists in experimental education it has tracked only positive results.
The Gonge Carousel has helped with children of all ages, with a wide spectrum of disorders.
The Gonge Carousel works in vestibular sensory system for sensory integration for children with autism.

  • Occupational therapy treatment sensory diet, rich in vestibular, as well as proprioceptive and tactile stimulation helps these children with motor planning and body awareness so their brains can better organise information focus and learn.
  • Sensory rich activities include, fast rotary movement social interaction which Gonge Carousel can provide.
  • The Gonge Carousel targets the sensory system and promotes social skill development such as social interaction.
  • This Gonge Carousel has also been known to help children with down syndrome develop and strengthen their trunk muscles.
  • The Gonge Carousel is a balance training device designed for use with children with balance or neurological disabilities.
  • This three-dimensional toy features a spinning top disc that allows children to lie down or sit while spinning to improve balance and coordination

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