Interactive Round Wall and Floor Tile (30cm) incl. Adaptor

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A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience that really will encourage you to get up and move.

Create a unique sensory environment with circular interactive LED tiles that respond to touch! Ideal for placement on the floor or on walls.

A vibrant colour change display shines through two different interactive circular light up rings and the colour stops on a specific colour once the child removes their foot from the tile allowing a tap through function resulting in playful dance floor effects

Using synchronised control method to achieve the highest resolution with 2 different interactive circular light up parts.

The tile body is a sophisticated piece and an excellent sensory resource. A fantastic sensory tile that is versatile enough for use on the floor and on walls, these multi coloured circular LED tiles are ideal for sensory and learning environments to give an awareness of cause and effect and encourage movement with colour and light.

Main Features:

  • Perfect 3D effects, touch sensitive, Fast response time
  • Brightness can be changed to various strengths
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly
  • Installation is simple, convenient and fast. Can be connected seamlessly
  • High-strength chassis and ABS material used in the base and Extra durable panel
  • IP55 Waterproof grade
  • Interactive dance floor tile
  • Lights change according to touch & pressure
  • Remote control included to set preferences.
  • High-strength & extra durable panel


Size: Approx.: 30/30 cm.

Colour: White

Power Source: Mains

Usage: Sensory

Material: Sturdy Plastic

£94.00 Ex. VAT

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