IRiS+ iConvertor

Experia’s unique IRiS+ iConvertor enables users to wirelessly control ANY IRiS Listener with a tablet or smartphone. Simply connect your IRiS iConvertor to your existing IRiS sensory products, connect your device to the iConvertor’s self-generated Wifi network, and download the FREE IRiS+ App – now available on Android!


With 12 different switching modes, each with a wide range of control and sensitivity settings, the Experia IRiS App is the most advanced control switch on the market.


The user can control the room via sound, touch, rotation and more, depending on their abilities and the skills you’re looking to develop, whether that’s cause and effect understanding, vocalization, fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, turn taking and more… And in today’s world where technology is so prevalent, using a smartphone or tablet in your sensory room is an incredibly motivating way to develop really valuable, useful life skills.


Operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage.


Please ensure you have an IRiS Listener to control with this product

*device not included. You will also need to download our free IRiS+ app on your own Apple or Android product

£1,600.00 Ex. VAT

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