IRiS Qube

The IRiS Qube is one of our most popular IRiS Talkers.

It can be used to control any of Experia’s IRiS Listeners


The IRiS Qube is one of our most popular IRiS Talkers. It can be easily paired to any of Experia’s IRiS Listeners (multisensory products) and then used to control them. Simply turn or toss the durable soft play Qube and your IRiS sensory equipment will respond to the colour shown on its top face. If it’s the IRiS Bubble Tube, fibre optics, or other IRiS lighting product it will change to that colour. You can also pair it to other IRiS Listeners, such as the IRiS Recordable Speaker, IRiS Soundboard, IRiS Jetstream or IRiS Fogger and it will activate their many effects. The Qube has inbuilt pockets so that you can insert corresponding pictures, numbers or shapes relating to the effects from your IRiS Sensory Products and the lesson you’re teaching. The Qube comes in two different sizes: 200mm or 300mm, and is available in Black and White for use in your Sensory Dark Room, or the most popular multi-coloured version (Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Purple). Please ensure you have an IRiS Listener (not included) to be controlled with this product.

£550.00£650.00 Ex. VAT

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