Jaques of London Wooden Building Blocks for 1 2 3 Year Olds | Kids Building Blocks for Toddlers | Wooden Blocks Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Girls and Boys | Since 1795

Product description

Gift Greatness – As an essential early learning experience, Jaques kids wooden blocks make for the ideal gift for 1 2 3 year old girls and boys. Wooden Toys for 1 year olds are a safe way to bring happiness to your budding builder – So shop Jaques today for the best 1 2 year old boy and girl gifts. A Lesson in Play – Develop essential fine motor skills, as your child sorts, stacks and builds the most creative constructions. Crafted from high quality, sustainably sourced woods, our toddler building blocks are specifically made for little hands, with the direct input of teachers and approval of parents ensuring the very best from all Jaques educational toys and games. Stacking and sorting toys are ideal pre-school developmental methods and allow children to develop strong cognitive thinking in a playful environment. By ensuring that our kids toys are always visually engaging and tactilely appealing, our 1 year old toys are always bright, smooth and instantly appealing to any aspiring architect. Jaques of London’s Pre-school toys and baby toys mean guaranteed quality, with the high standards of customer service that you would expect from any great British brand. We have been busy teaching the world to play since 1795 and hope that our wooden bricks for children do just that. As the creators of many of the world’s most beloved toys and games, Jaques means fun, quality, and family.

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