Kneel Friendly Maxi Mat

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Kneel Friendly Maxi Mat Aqua Blue

This unique, bean filled play and floor mats have been designed with knees in mind.

Cushioned edging provides a welcome relief to adults knees whilst maintaining a spacious play and learning area for children.

Fabric centre enabling mats to be moved and stored easily. Perfect to create a mini-contained soft construction area for creative and gross motor play when combined with our other posture cushions too. Cushion accessories not included.

Improving posture and health for teachers and children. Posture affects physical and mental wellbeing, as a result it directs affects learning. Correctly supporting children’s posture through an understanding of ergonomics and the use of well designed classroom furniture and spaces, improves concentration and productivity, reduces discomfort and importantly helps future proof children’s health. Postural health is equally important for education professionals as it lessens and prevents pain, improves morale and energy levels. Jolly back furniture has been proven to reduce absence from back pain, bring benefits to teachers, employers and students.


  • Length:1400 mm
  • Width:1400 mm
  • Brand:Jolly Back


£220.00 Ex. VAT

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