LED Fibre Optic Shimmering Curtain

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The LED Fibre Optic Shimmering Curtain creates a stunning visual light show. Create a calming & sensory environment with the LED Fibre Optic Shimmering Curtain.


The Shimmering Curtain creates clusters of Fibre Optic Strands which can be draped over the user through 25mm diameter holes in the wooden shelf. The curtain comes in calming mode as standard which softly changes through 8 vibrant colours.

The curtain is supplied with 150 standard 2m strands and a mains operated LED Lightsource. The wooden shelf is also available for purchase separately for use with existing Fibre Optics.

*Please note that wall fixings are not supplied and so you will need to source appropriate fixings for your wall separately.

£900.00 Ex. VAT

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