M.Y Extra Large Interlocking Foam Play Mat – 60x60cm Large, Thick, Multi Colour Soft EVA Baby Floor Tiles 8 Piece

  • 60x60cm Extra Large Foam Playmats – Large Interlocking Mats can be secured together to add a protective layer to flooring in playrooms, living rooms and even outdoors
  • Soft & Safe – Keep young children safe from knocks and bangs whilst they play by providing a soft and padded surface.
  • Made for Soft Play – The Foam EVA construction is a soft, non-toxic surface for kids to play on and wipe clean after any spills or accidents.
  • Designed to fit your space – the Extra Large 60x60cm mats are 1cm deep and can be interconnected in several different ways to suit the room or space.
  • Wide Coverage – 2 packs contain 4 Mats each (8 Total) and will cover an area of 2.88 Square Meters. Add more packs to cover more space or lay in a different formation

£58.00 Ex. VAT

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