Mini Pop-Up Sensory Pod

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Mini Pop-Up Sensory Pod

Provides a calming, safe sensory space to relax, unwind or discover. Easily set up with its pop-up construction, this dark den/sensory space is ideal to have in a classroom or for use at home.

Designed to provide a safe place or cool down spot for children who become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli.

The den can act as a calming space when coping with new routines, during one to one time or as a resting area.

It offers a quieter, dark, enclosed space children to relax and have time to regulate their sensory system.

Also provides a safe and enclosed space where therapists and patients can engage in sensory exploration. On the inside of the pod, there are 10 hook and loop attachments to enable items to be attached such as lights, this will provide added stimulus for the children.

The blackout design of this portable space nearly eliminates all visual stimuli from the outside world, thus allowing the nervous system to regulate.

After use, the space can be folded easily again, after which it can be stored in the storage bag supplied. Simple to assemble and easy to store away, very useful as a take-away solution!



  • Material:Polyester
  • Height:1 m
  • Length:1 m
  • Width:1 m
  • Brand:TTS
  • Age Range:Suitable for 3 to 14 years

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