Playground Science

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Playground Science

Set of fun and informal, self-directed science activities that children can carry out in their own playtimes. Using simple instructions, this resource encourages children to explore the world around them and to develop their own scientific skills.

Focusing on different topics, it includes 5 cards featuring an activity, initial ideas and questions and 5 drawstring bags which can be used to include scientific equipment to support the activities. A guide for the teacher is also included.

Each activity uses a small amount of equipment and are deliberately semi-structured so that children can follow the suggestions if they want, but they also have the option to make their own decisions about what to do. The children can do the activities independently or with other children. The five printed cards guide the children through the activity. Each card has a set of initial ideas and questions on one side, with a follow-up activity on the back. The follow-up activities are designed to encourage the children to work more scientifically. There are two sets available, lower primary aimed at children aged between 4-7 years old and upper primary aimed at children aged between 7-11 years old. Developed by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) a charitable trust helping to improve the teaching and learning of primary science across the UK.

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