Prosper Plast iklm1600 C-s411 261 x 71.9 x 82.6 cm Module Compogreen Composter – Black

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Product Description

Prosperplast Module Compogreen Composter is available in black colour. Fulfilling our costumers’ demand for direct contact with our employees and participation in the process of creating a variety of arrangements using our products we decided to meet these needs. Production that uses plastic as raw material (such as polypropylene) is, despite what many believe, an environmentally friendly technology. When it comes to modern, efficient machines, and when water consumption in the whole process is relatively low, we can definitely say that we CARE about the ENVIRONMENT. In fact, there are more fields in which we can implement this postulate. We are constantly expanding the product range of ECO series, produced from recycled materials. The way we pack our products (usually one packaging fits perfectly into another) allows us transporting large volumes in one vehicle. his often causes a multiple reduction of the amount of exhaust gas in the atmosphere.

Box Contains

1 x Compogreen Composter


£125.00 Ex. VAT

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