Rocket Light 100cm

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his striking circular LED Rocket Light feature with colour changing LED lights makes a spellbinding addition to any home, office or bedroom. Standing at 1 m tall, you can sit back and relax while watching the colours continuously flow through its phases.

The colour changing light has the ability to captivate both adults and children alike. It consumes very little power, generates no heat and has a lifetime of tens of thousands of hours! Includes an infrared remote control to control the colour light.


  • Striking & captivating rocket mood light
  • LED lights with multiple settings & phases
  • Displays up to 16 different colours
  • Includes an infrared remote control
  • Consumes very little power

Size: 100 cm. tall.

Power Source: Mains

Usage: Sensory

Material: Plastic

Weight: Approx: 200 g.

£55.00 Ex. VAT

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