Rotating Sensory Skateboard

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This is the
medium-sized Wooden Sensory Skateboard is recommended especially for the
treatment of dyspraxia and for stimulating the vestibular system. The
skateboard is cushioned in order to ensure a safe and pleasant therapy session.
All edges have been smoothened out to lessen the risk of collision with walls
etc. Every skate also has eyelet to which a rope can be attach in order to
increase the amounts of exercises there can be done.

The skateboard is used
for tonic labyrinthine reflex integration through strengthening primitive
reflexes on the stomach and back. The skateboard is also used to simultaneously
develop and correct bilateral motor co-ordination and strong stimulation of
linear movement receptors of the vestibular system. Used especially in training
motor disorders with a sensory basis dyspraxia and postural disturbances.


Cushioned seating, ensuring safety and comfortability

Smoothened out edges to insure further safety.

Size: TBC

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Age: TBC

Material: Wood

Weight: TBC

Assembly: Assembly required

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