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Interactive Projection for floor, table, bed and wheelchair trays. Compact mobile unit. Ideal for Hospitals, Hospices, Special Education and more.

The Flex Plus (+) can do all of the above, with the addition of gesture interactive wall projection (non touch).


Easily wheeled from room to room, the SENse Flex is electronically height adjustable which means it can do variable projection sizes from a min 1.35m (W) x 1.03m (H) all the way up to 3.1m (W0 x 2.24m (H).

Easily choose between Interactive floor or table, allowing all users the opportunity to engage with the stimulating, colourful content included with the SENse Flex.

The Sensory room software features 300 pre-made pieces of content ready to use.

It features a range of stimulating and colourful Interactive images and games from; Splat the balloons, whack-a mole, fruit catcher and football to Image painter, interactive quizzes and the calming interactive fishpond.

• Rehabilitation
• Distraction
• Entertain
• Hand and Eye Coordination
• Sensory
• Education
• Interaction
• Fine Gross Motor Skills
• Suitable for all ages

Any image, video or audio can be added to create customised interactive content. The software also comes with a credit-based store to upload and share content with other users.

• High Brightness Projector – 3500 Ansi Lumens

• Built in 30w Speakers with Amp

•Sensory Room Software Features

Approx. 20 Themes as listed below and approx. 300 pieces of pre made content ready for you to use:

Aurora, Beams, Demister, Fade, Fireworks, Fish, Flip, Hotspots, Image Painter, Media Player, Particles, Questions, Repel, Retract, Reveal, Scatter, Sharks, Splat, Sport, Water, Ripple.

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