A Sensory Sandpit “closed in” sizes from: 10ft x 10ft to 15ft x 15ft

A great idea for all year round access to outside sand play whatever the weather. comes complete with coloured Perspex which gives it a calming feel inside

This covered sand pit offers a protected play space and can be closed up to keep your sand pit safe from animals at night.

Good for the summer months too, as it offers shade.

Our Sensory sandpits doubles up as an outdoor classroom, this is so versatile and can be used for many different applications

All made from treated timbers and roof is finished with T&G inside and black corrugated tin on the outside with black PVC coated trims.

These are also fitted with seating benches along the back and 2 sides
Our range of sizes can seat from 25 kids up to 35 kids comfortably

Sizes Available:

10ft x 10ft
10ft x 12ft
12ft x 12ft
12ft x 15ft
15ft x 15ft

Contact us for any other custom sizes


£4,000.00£8,500.00 Ex. VAT

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