Sensory Slide

Along with the slide we include a specially mounted line and special pegs, which broadens the functionality of the slide. The slide is used for shaping postural reflexes, with a special focus on equilibrium reactions, background postural reflexes, orienting and defensive responses. Using this equipment ensures stimulation of basal sensory systems, facilitating the development and modification of the child?s postural reflexes.

The slide can be used in combination with the skateboard in order to stimulate linear movement receptors of the vestibular system. It is especially useful in developing primitive reflexes through strengthening extensor muscles, but also motor planning and some eye reflexes, e.g. convergence. The slide provides opportunities for activities that develop reflexes and stimulate vestibular senses.

Core and upper body strength training with this sensory scooter slide. Exercise and fun all together. Allow children to develop upper body, grip, and core strength as they pull themselves up the ramp. Wide design allows scooter to turn around completely.

Using the scooter board is therapeutic and fun. Paediatric occupational therapists can use the scooter board ramp as a way to help their clients strengthen the upper body, trunk and core. This occupational therapy tool provides vestibular and proprioceptive sensory stimulus, while also helping to develop motor skills. When using the Sensory Scooter Slide, motor planning takes place, and visual perception skills must be used to visually scan where the rider is headed before going down the ramp.


Sensory slide with rope for Sensory Therapy
Consists of three elements

Takes up little space after set up.

Size: Size: 35 x 65 x 180 cm

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Material: Wood

Assembly: Assembly required

Please note: Delivery lead time for this product is 21 days

£495.00 Ex. VAT

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