3D Laser Projector

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The 3D Laser projector comes with a completely new designed compact housing, which is light weight and has a stable bracket.

The bracket allows for different mounting positions: a hanging as well as a standing installation is possible – ideal for  temporary laser shows, but also for fixed installations at a truss or at the ceiling.

Pattern size and the sensitivity of the microphone can be set by two rotary buttons on the rear side of the housing.

Through DMX, in the automatic mode as well as in the sound-to-light mode about 200 preset patterns, like waves, tunnels, circles etc. can be projected in different colours and in various speed. If the automatic mode is active, the pre-programmed patterns run without assistance and in the music mode, the laser system projects according to the sound.

The Laserworld CS-1000RGB is computer controllable through a professional ILDA interface. Thus own or pre-programmed lasershows, logos, texts or own graphics and animations can be shown in combination with a laser control software.

There are safety features like a key switch, an interlock interface and an on-off switch.

This projector is a full-color RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 1’000 mW and a minimum output power of 800 mW. The red laser source at 650 nm has an output power of 200 mW, the green DPSS at 532 nm of 70 mW and the royal-blue laser source at a wavelength of 445 nm has an output power of 530 mW. The laser sources ensure billiant colors and powerful laser beams. The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of about 3 mm and beam divergence of 2.0 mrad.

Total Power typical: 1’000 mW
Guaranteed power: 800 mW
Power Red: 200 mW / 650 nm
Power Green: 70 mW / 532 nm
Power Blue: 530 mW / 445 nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 3 mm / 2 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX, ILDA, Master-Slave
Scanner: galvo system, 30 kpps@4°
Scan Angle max.: 40°
Basic Patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Accessories: power cable, manual, interlock connector, key
Power Supply: 85V – 250 V AC
Power Consumption: 60 W

220 x 155 x 45mm

3.15 kg

£833.00 Ex. VAT

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