Show-Me® SUPERTOUGH Gridded Drywipe Boards

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Super-thick, ultra-tough A4 whiteboards at a massive 1500 micron, made from high-gloss PVC. Perfect for assemblies or location activities, also ideal for photocopying.

Scratch-resistant 20mm grid guidelines are perfect for technical drawing, science, art, geography or maths! Reverse side is blank for standard board activities.

Available in two great value packages:

35 Show-Me® SUPERTOUGH Gridded Drywipe Boards, Drywipe Pens and Mini Foam Erasers

100 Show-Me® SUPERTOUGH Gridded Drywipe Boards, Drywipe Pens, Mini Foam Erasers plus FREE 100ml bottle of Show-Me® Magix Drywipe Board Cleaner

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