Textured Metallic Tangle x 10

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You can use your imagination and creativity through new ideas, and manipulate fidget toys into different shapes to focus and reduce stress, and release creativity and expression.

Sensory fidgeting toy, turning in every direction, allowing all possibilities of movement.

You can also make them into any colour and shape you want.

Scientific evidence proves we are better able to focus when our hands are in motion.

You want to keep your child away from electronics and this is definitely a great product.

The arbitrary twist makes it highly playable and cultivate your child’s hands and brain skills.

It can exercise children’s imagination, creativity, learning ability and thinking ability.

Mix and match to make them more exciting and able to catch your child’s eye.

Specially designed to exercise your mind working. It enables kids imagination, creativity, learning ability and thinking ability to be fully exercised..

Studies shows that movement is critical for cognitive growth because it allows the person to utilize both sides of the brain simultaneously.

Feeling textured metallic tangle allow kids to activate both hemispheres while learning and working for increased brain activity.

x 10


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