Basic Wooden Theraputic Sensory Climb System

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With this Wooden Climb System, children can stimulate and train their
sense of spatial orientation and balance. Children suffering from sensory processing disorder or autism can often have fears of falling and losing balance. Through SI Therapy
sessions where they combine movement with balance, they can learn to overcome
these fears. The Wooden Climb System provides them with a safe environment to
do so.

The climbing wall is available with either protruding or cut-out
climbing holds. While the former is more common, the latter provides the
opportunity for practicing aiming and throwing.



Climb system with wooden ladder and climbing net

Provides a safe and stable environment for SI

Excellent for training childrens sense of balance and orientation.

Space underneath the ladders can be used as storage space when storing
the system away.

Size: TBC

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Age: TBC

Material: Wood

Weight: TBC

Assembly: Assembly required

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