Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube

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The Touch Sensitive Bubble Tube is ideal for individuals with poor or limited motor skills and hand to eye coordination.
Lightly touch one of the 4 colours on the highly sensitive base and watch the colours change with the Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube.


This Bubble Tube is perfect for those with limited movement as the product uses the latest technology to feel or sense hand movement and rewards the user with a colour change of one of the four chosen colours. This product also features a calming mode which softly scrolls through 8 vibrant colour variations that are illuminated through the 150mm wide bubble tube.

Available in three sizes the Touch Sensitive Bubble Tube operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage.

Please note that Bubble Tube Fluid and a Bubble Tube Pump is recommended for the maintenance of the Bubble Tube. For tubes 1.5m and over, we recommend the use of our Bubble Tube Bracket to ensure stability.

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