Vecta Deluxe Mobile Sensory Station

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Vecta Deluxe Portable Sensory Station

A portable robust sensory unit which is perfect for a multi-sensory environment.

This intriguing and visually stimulating station will keep children occupied for hours, with all the different features that are included.

This mobile unit allows you to take the multi-experience from room to room and is ideal where space is at a premium.

It turns any room into a relaxing, distracting and empowering multi-sensory room. Due to its ease of movement It makes this unit perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, treatment rooms, and smaller sensory rooms.

Three unbreakable acrylic mirrors surround the 4′ Interactive Bubble Column for the illusion of multiple columns.

The two side wing mirrors are hinged and can be adjusted for one’s particular preferences. These mirrors can be closed and locked for easy transport and storage.

The cart also includes a locked storage cabinet in the rear and four smooth caster wheels, to easily move the Vecta. The wheels lock to securely set in place when in use.The free standing unit can be stored in a corner when not in use. Mains powered.

The Vecta cart comes fully assembled with most of the equipment already installed.Set up instructions are included.

Usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes to populate the cart and you are ready to go. Use distilled water only in Bubble Column (approx 5.5 gallons). Unit weighs 70kg ( this is before you fill the tube with water).


  • Product Content:
    • Cart with Cabinet Locking Caster Wheels
    • Acrylic Mirrors
    • MP3 Compatible Stereo
    • Interactive Bubble Column (4′) with Ping Pong Insert
    • 4-Button Colour Controller Ball Switch
    • Music CD
    • Super SNAP Projector with Liquid Wheel
    • Space SNAP Wheel
    • Pets SNAP Wheel
    • 100 Tail Fibre Optics
    • Aromatherapy Diffuser with Variety Aromatherapy Oil Kit
    • Bubble Column Cleaner
    • Start Up Bubble Column Additive
  • Height:60 in
  • Width:24 in
  • Depth:27 in
  • Age Range:Suitable for 4 to 16 years

£5,100.00 Ex. VAT

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