Visual Stimulation UV Kit

This Black Bag is full of all the visual stimulation that you need, with loads of different UV Kit you will be set for hours of fun.

The different lights will pop out at you and is great for using in dark environments where you will get the best out of UV lights.

They make for a very calming atmosphere that is also great for a multi-sensory room.

Some of the contents of the Bag are :

UV Carpet – approx. size 25cm x 60cm.  Glow in the dark sensory ball, UV Juggling Scarves, UV Capes, LED Gloves, Glow Mats, 1 pack paint,  LED ball,  Glow in dark gloves, Fluorescent Wool, UV Bulb, Deco Markers, UV Rods, UV Straps, 1pk Glow Stars, Fibre Optic Plume and so much more ………

£430.00 Ex. VAT

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