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A heated water mattress which gives total, even support, moulding itself to the shape of the body. T

he heater maintains the water mattress to a desired temperature.

SpaceKraft Waterbeds come with firm Softplay edge blocks and are covered with easy-to-clean flame retardant vinyl. The Waterbed can be placed directly on the floor or on a Waterbed Plinth.Operates on 240v. Designed to be switched on 24 hours a day and is fitted with a thermostat that switches off when the water is at the chosen temperature. It takes 24 hours to work up to temperatture. It comes fitted with a 13amp plug . The height of the bed is 200 mm. This may not be high enough for some users so you may want to consider a Water Bed Plinth to raise the bed higher. Our water bed plinths can raise the bed a further 200 or 400 mm higher.

Available in 14 colours choose from the drop dowm menu.

We suggest the use of a RCD protected socket with this equipment. This waterbed should be supervised when in use.

Sizes: Single: H200mm x L2440mm x W1220mm.

Double: H200mm x L2440mm x W1470mm.

Have this installed anywhere on the UK mainland for £450.00 plus vat

£1,320.00£1,560.00 Ex. VAT

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