Weighted Bands Pair – Child Ankle / Adult Wrist – 500g Each

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This pair of ankle/wrist weights can help with proprioception and sensory integration by increasing awareness. The addition of weights to the wrists and ankles can help with fine motor skills such as writing, walking. Can also be used on the ankles to increase awareness of the legs and feet.

The weights can been used in classrooms, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help provide some proprioception deep pressure input to forearms increasing the kinaesthetic feedback and sensory awareness for those who need extra sensory input during handwriting, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination.

Pair of Weighted wrist or ankle bands designed to help develop strength, stability and increase awareness to the hands and wrist. Provide a discreet sensory aid to increase body awareness for fine motor skills. The weight is enough to provide additional sensation but allows free movement.

Colour: Green

Usage: Sensory Integration

Material: Made from silky soft material for that tactile finish.

Weight: 500g each

£18.00 Ex. VAT

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