Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet

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Patented Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet transform a standard school chair into a Wobble Chair enabling kids to have an outlet for excess energy while working, alleviating anxiety, hyperactivity and boredom.

Kids can rock back, forth and all around as the continuous movement increases blood flow to the brain enabling a greater ability to focus.


  • The constant motion is a calming influence helping fidgeting kids to expel excess energy while seated reducing stress and increasing time on task.
  • Greater focus leads to higher grades and improved academic performance.
  • Rocking in all directions engages and strengthens core muscles resulting in better posture.
  • Installation is simple as each ?foot? snaps right onto the standard round school chair glide (measuring between 1.125 and 1.25? in diameter) turning the seat into a Wobble Chair -No tools required!
  • The 2.6? H and 3.8? diameter Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet can be used on tile, wood, and carpeted floors.

Usage: Educational Aids

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