Bicycle Shelter with Living Roof 8m x 3m

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Bicycle Shelter with Living Roof

This amazing living Roof are fully irrigated and has 9 different layers to it.

This roof is planted out with Sedum and requires little to no maintenance.

The bike shelter accommodates 12 bikes inside and 4 bikes and 10 scooters outside, you can add another 4 to the sides on the outside.

Made from weather treated timbers and cladded with 19mm TGV timber. These Bike shelters are designed around our living roof, these are becoming more and more popular in the inner-city areas.

So many things to list on this one:

  • Sedum Roof (with 30 year leak warranty)
  • 5m x 3m bike storage area
  • 6 Sheffield bike stands
  • 10 freestanding scooter stands
  • 8 lockers (with keys and 1 master key)
  • Solar Strip light countersunk into the ceiling
  • Seating Area with a 6ft bench
  • Mega Bug Hotel
  • 3m x 0.5m Planters
  • Sensory brick wall
  • made from pressure treated timbers
  • Double cladded 19mm TGV all around

Price is delivered and installed in Northern Ireland


£22,500.00 Ex. VAT

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