S/4 Aquatic Liquid Floor Tiles

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A sensationally modernised twist on our popular floor tiles, these Set of 4 floor tiles are each filled with large coloured glitter flakes and aquatic themed figure adding that extra pop of colour and interest.

Just stand or push these tiles to see the glitter and shapes move around the tile.

Wonderful visual and tactile experience that really will encourage you to move around and explore the surfaces.

They will withstand jumping on and strenuous use by children and adults as well as the weight of wheelchairs, providing they are laid flat on any surface with a non slip soft cushioned backs grip onto smoother surfaces for stability.

Simply apply a little pressure to create a dramatic visual effect.

This product is great for both children and adults. These aquatic gel tiles are an amazing addition to playrooms, classrooms, studios or for any party.

urn any floor into an interactive ad responsive surface. Simply walk on the tiles and the liquid moves and reacts to the pressure of your foot.

No installation is necessary. All tiles have an extra strong non slip backing to prevent the tiles from moving once on the floor.

Simply put them onto almost any surface and they can be used immediately. Simple to set down – simple to move – simple to remove.

No sticking setting or installation required.

Super endurable flooring made to withstand high traffic and continued heavy use and play. These tiles will give you hours and hours of enjoyable and healthy fun.

Tested and certified for children’s safety. Each Playlearn Liquid Tile is pressure tested with 32tons of direct heavy pressure for 8 hours to ensure a 100% safe experience. All tiles are non-toxic.


Size: 40cm/40cm

Colour: Multicoloured

Usage: Sensory/Autism

Material: Sturdy plastic

£120.00 Ex. VAT

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