Sit and Twist Active Seat Cushion

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Children can move while sitting releasing pent-up fidgety energy enabling them to focus and stay calm in the classroom and at homework time.
IMPROVE FOCUS: Gives kids the continuous movement they love while sitting providing an outlet for excess energy and improving concentration
SENSORY SEATING: Ever-changing positions provide sensory input, and calm kids who can’t sit still including those with ADD, ADHD, or autism
STAYS IN ONE PLACE: A non-skid base keeps it secure on a chair or the floor as the cushion turns freely
DURABLE: Comfortable cushioned heavy-duty vinyl seat is easy to wipe clean
PORTABLE: Versatile, lightweight, and easy to carry. Great for school and home
For ages 3+
Size: 12″ (30cm) diameter
Maximum Weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

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